How is your practice different? 

Why should patients choose you? What makes your practice stand out? Why is your favorite restaurant your favorite? Why did you pick your gym from all the other options?All restaurants are not created equal. All gyms are not created equal. And all medical practices are not created equal! Yours is unique. It stands out for a reason—probably many reasons!

As consumers, the choices we make are based on important factors—differentiators.

What makes one practice different from another? What makes it more appealing to your patients? You have the ability to stand out based on so many factors, including:

Where do you stand out?

Not quite sure what makes your practice unique?

Guess who does know? Your team!

If you don’t know already—we can guarantee that your team knows what makes your practice exceptional. Remember, they are on the front lines! Patients talk to them. They tell them what was great, why they chose you, and what made them switch from another practice.

Once you know your points of differentiation…

Knowing what makes you different is only the first step. Next, you must market them across every single channel, so everyone knows WHY you’re unique. It helps the people who want you, find you!

At VCG, this is exactly what we do. We share what makes your practice different. We sing it from the rooftops in an integrated, appealing way—to help distinguish your practice from the other choices and help you connect with the patients who will value you.

Let us handle your medical practice’s marketing—and show off what makes you special. Let’s talk.