As a medical practice, it’s your job to provide excellent patient care. But what makes you stand out beyond that is providing a wonderful experience. What is your magical marketing moment? People don’t just want capable medical care. They want to feel cared for and listened to.

We’ve previously shared tips to create remarkable, memorable patient experiences, but today we want to share a few more tangible and specific examples of “magical marketing moments.”

Parks Orthodontics is a practice that is focused on providing a fun and memorable experience to patients. One way they’ve done this is by having a practice bird, Sunny who lived in the office.  Sunny became part of their logo, t-shirts, marketing efforts, and the entire patient experience. We celebrated the bird’s birthday, the kids drew the bird and took photos with him. The bird became a huge part of the memorable, engaging experience that Parks was creating for their patients and their families for 25 years.

Not every orthodontic practice has a bird, right? That was pretty magical for kiddos.

But magical marketing moments can be simple, too. This article talks about the Magic Castle Hotel in Los Angeles. What might otherwise be considered a fairly average hotel ranks among the top hotels in LA because of the magical marketing moment they provide guests: A popsicle hotline where guests can call and request a free popsicle. Other area hotels have far newer and more luxurious amenities, but it’s the free popsicle that makes an impression, creating a magical experience that keeps visitors coming back.

Whether it’s a free popsicle, a bird, or something else—ask yourself: What are you providing patients that is truly memorable? Is there a way you can create a magical marketing moment in a way that is authentic to your practice? 

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