next-door marketing Virginia creative groupDo you ever wonder who is nextdoor and how can they help you with business? Do you reach out to friends and family for recommendations on local businesses? Do you read reviews before making a big purchase? Do you trust a personal recommendation from a neighbor or co-worker?

If you answered yes to even one of those questions,  you are not alone. You, along with most of the population, heavily rely on personal recommendations when choosing a business, healthcare professional or investing in a product.

Review and recommendation platforms are forever changing and adapting to meet consumers and patients right where they are and Nextdoor is doing just that (literally).

What is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is a new(ish)platform that allows you to connect with your neighbors through a private social network. It takes your physical location and allows those right “next door” to recommend local businesses, ask questions and exchange advice.

Always wanted to reach the neighborhoods surrounding your office in an efficient and cost-effective way? Well, Nextdoor might just be your GOLDEN opportunity!

We, at VCG, highly recommend that you stay ahead of the curve and claim your business location on Nextdoor. With a few easy steps, you will give your neighbors the opportunity to recommend you to others with one simple click AND with no cost to you!

We look forward to recommending you to our neighborhood friends on Nextdoor.  Need someone to help lift your marketing burden? Let’s chat.