Do you run a busy medical, dental or orthodontic practice?  Do you wish you could find a partner to handle your marketing and help you grow?

If your practice needs it we do it.

As a full-service creative agency, we serve as your marketing department to strategize and implement the details. From strategic marketing plans to graphic design, from SEO to photography, we connect the dots and bring your ideas to life.

We love all of our clients.

 But some get extra-special treatment.

If you’re a medical practice who truly cares about helping your patients, you are just the kind of partner we want! At VCG, partnership means everything to us….because we know that with real partnership, everything is possible. To be your real partner, it means being there and being fully invested. This takes time and commitment. And that’s precisely why we’ve defined our service levels to support our partnerships: 

Fully retained partnership

This is for you if:

You are a medical practice who wants to grow—and you want everything* handled by expert partners.

At this level of partnership, if it helps your practice’s growth—we do it. From graphic design, website design & management, seo, social media managment and beyond, we have you covered and are dedicated to your growth!


Your continued growth is our first priority. Your requests are handled before partially retained clients.


You are the only practice within your specialty in your geographic area who we work with (so we can help you outshine the competition)!

Partially retained partnership

This is for you if:

You like the idea of partnership, but a) don’t need the full range of services or b) want to start slow and see if there’s a mutual fit.

At this level of service, we work on some specific elements of your marketing on a regular basis. Perhaps we handle your monthly content marketing and online advertising, but you don’t need us to handle everything*.


We handle your projects as soon as possible, after our fully retained practices have been accommodated.


If another practice within your specialty requests our exclusive, fully-retained partnership, we will notify you and give you first dibs.

Great things happen when caring medical practices and Virginia Creative Group connect!