7 great phrases to say to patients

What are the best things your team member can say? Confident, helpful, comforting words make the world go ’round. People need to be guided. They need a little help. They need support. Especially when it comes to something as delicate, personal and nervousness-inducing as medical care!

These are the top phrases that your team members should be saying on the regular. They are wonderful because they are genuine, helpful and they create confidence and encourage next steps.

Team members can say…

If your team members can say anything, have them say this:

  1. Let’s get you scheduled. Don’t let someone leave, or get off the phone, without scheduling their next appointment or getting them moving in the right direction. You could also say, “Let’s get you set up!”
  2. Let’s do this! This is a great, positive transitional phrase that moves patients away from questions and towards actions. You could also say it like, “Let’s do THIS”—and offer a next step…like, “Let’s go meet Dr. Josie!”
  3. (Name) is an expert at __________.Every member of your team should be referring to their fellow team members as experts. “This is Lindsey. She’s an expert at Invisalign/sterilization/billing/scheduling.” Whatever that person is doing, they’re an expert at it. This phrase is such a great way to transfer the trust.
  4. (Name) is amazing. You’re going to love him. When a medical professional believes in the team around them, it makes a patient feel assured. Use whatever adjective feels the most authentic. “Dr. X is incredible. You’re going to love her.”
  5. You’re in the right place. With so many options for medical care (and everything else in this world!), it feels reassuring for patients to hear this.
  6. This is exactly what we do. Again, you are letting patients know you are experts in exactly what they need.
  7. You’re in excellent, capable hands. You’re going to help them navigate their situation—whatever it may be.

The best thing about these phrases is that they’re simple, genuine, effective and relevant for all types of situations.

The truth is, we’re all human beings and we all need to be comforted, reassured and guided. By having these go-to phrases, you will give your patients sighs of relief on the regular.

At VCG, we believe in our team. When it comes to medical practice marketing, you’re in the right place. That’s exactly what we do. Now, let’s get you set up!