practice scholarshipStarting a practice scholarship? It is such a great way to give back. And it doesn’t have to take lots of time or cost you a fortune, either.

Some of our practices give a $500 scholarship to one student per year. Some do less, some do more—but what’s important is that you have a practice scholarship!

None of this requires stress, hard work or a massive investment. It’s great PR, it makes people feel good, and patients love it. Win, win, win!

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Base your scholarship on whatever matters to your practice. Your practice scholarship can be awarded based on anything you think is important. Some students may not be able to win other scholarships because they are not top of their class or the most talented athlete. Your scholarship can be based on passion, humility, or the best smile—whatever you want!
  • Pick the winner! When it’s time to choose a winner, simply pick a recipient from the entries, and you send a check—either directly to the student or to the college. If you want some more exposure, you can even hand the check out at their graduation at their school.
  • Generate more goodwill. We recommend sending a letter to those who apply and don’t win. Many practices give the kids who don’t win a small gift card to Barnes & Noble as a gesture of goodwill. You can also invite them to apply again while they attend school.

When it comes to marketing your medical practice scholarship, we can do it all!

We set the scholarship up online so current or past patients can register. We usually run the scholarship from May 1stto May 1st. We create a practice scholarship logo, put it on your website, and promote in your office and via social media. We send you the list when it’s time to pick, and we even send out the letters (and gift certificates) for the students who didn’t win. With VCG as your partner, you’ll have everything handled for you!

And of course, Chick-fil-A offers scholarships (which is one of the reasons we love them)!

Want to start a medical practice scholarship? Let’s talk.