bi-specialty marketing at Virginia Creative Group Yorktown, VAIf you run a bi-specialty practice—pediatric dentistry and orthodontics—you are unique. And we hope you are marketing your practice that way! At Virginia Creative Group, we specialize in marketing bi-specialty practices because we have learned through the years how to do it right. Just because someone does awesome medial practice marketing, doesn’t necessarily mean they do awesome bi-specialty practice marketing. It’s with many miles under our belts that we can say: We do all of the above.

Bi-specialty practices have to be marketed separately and uniquely, and as a whole! It’s almost like marketing three different entities. 


Because you’re speaking to who you want to attract—and the audiences have different needs at different times.

At VCG, we create and implement a unique marketing plan for:

  • The pediatric side
  • The orthodontic side
  • The practice as a whole

We have a formula.

Some marketing initiatives are separate.

Some are together. 

Remember, you have so many things that are unique: You cater to a larger segment of the family. Once acquired, you can retain patients for much longer. You probably have less trouble with referrals. You make everything much easier for moms and dads! And that’s just the beginning…

Make sure your bi-specialty medical practice marketing has a strategy behind it. One that respects and highlights your uniqueness. Need a creative partner who can take the stress away and handle it all? Let’s talk.