Medical practices: Trust your social media to an expert!

“Instagram looks easy. Maybe a team member can handle it.” If this thought has crossed your mind, this post is for you. Even if your billing coordinator is really good at Twitter or Instagram on a personal level, there is a huge difference between doing individual social media and handling social media for a medical practice.

Remember, the whole idea behind doing social media for your medical practice is to GROW your audience, grow your practice, and engage current and future patients.

Turn it Over to the Experts

Here are 12 reasons VCG should handle your medical practice’s social media:

  1. We do it every day. Yes, every single day. The consistency that comes from being on social platforms every day—writing posts, making graphics, monitoring and engaging—makes a huge difference.
  2. We set goals for your social media. Goals are made for your social media growth. We make sure they’re measurable, achievable, time-bound and relevant to your specialty.
  3. We speak specifically to your audience. Every specialty is different. Every practice is different. We write specifically for your practice’s audience.
  4. Relationships are fostered. Relationships are so important on all social platforms. We don’t just post great material…we communicate with your people, like what they post, and engage with them.
  5. We create and implement an editorial calendar for your social media. There’s a plan for content…it’s not random or a last-minute scramble.
  6. Nothing is automated. All of our humans at VCG care very much about your practice. They take a flesh and blood approach to educating your followers, solving their problems and meeting their needs. Your audience will be engaging with real humans who care.
  7. We optimize all of your accounts. Before we start, we optimize your social media accounts to make sure they’re visible, visually appealing, and relevant to Google and to actual people.
  8. We create engaging content that people want to read. Every post we write, every graphic we create, every visual we design and hashtag we use is intended to optimize your engagement.
  9. Our team watches what is trending. This means we can seize the moment and piggyback on current and relevant topics to get you more interest.
  10. We time posts for optimal engagement. We know the best times to post, and we ensure your practice is posting when the messages are most likely to be seen.
  11. We are informed, and unafraid. To grow social platform profiles, it requires expertise, assertiveness, effort and constantly staying up-to-date. We know how to harness social media’s power, and we’re not afraid to use it to your benefit.
  12. We monitor everything. Our team goes in multiple times a day to watch your posts, monitor activity, answer questions and communicate with your followers. We get alerts and respond quickly. When you have VCG on your social media, you have a lot of extra eyes on things.

You wouldn’t trust your patients’ medical care to Dr. Google, and we won’t let you entrust your social media marketing to a non-expert! If you want it well, leave it to a professional.

Let us handle your medical practice’s social platform marketing. You’ll be glad you did. Let’s talk