Using emojis in your medical practice marketing? 

You’re probably using them in text messages…You’re seeing them in email subject lines…


Believe it or not, it’s an actual language—and everybody is speaking it these days.

Why are we talking about them? Because emojis are a great way to distinguish and invigorate your marketing.

Why should you be using these catchy symbols in your marketing efforts?

  • They add personality and fun
  • They’re a quick, colorful way to grab attention
  • They can communicate something succinctly
  • Visuals register quicker than text
  • They stand out!

Are we going back to caveman times?

Sometimes it seems like we’re headed back to pre-historic times when cavemen were drawing pictures on cave walls. You might wonder if we humans will forego written words altogether. Don’t worry. Actual words aren’t going away. Google loves fresh, relevant content on your website and blog. Words are a necessary way to engage via newsletters and social media posts. It’s just that emojis can be the exclamation point. The way to emphasize something and make it stand out.

Are you using emojis in your marketing? A few tips:

  • Try them in email subject lines, blog posts and social media posts.
  • Keep it simple. Since emojis are a fairly new “language”—keep your usage simple and easy for everyone to understand. Don’t make decoding emojis feel like a complex game of Pictionary.
  • Be sure to use Unicode emojis since they are viewable on all browsers and mobile devices.

Here are some interesting ways companies are using these catchy symbols:
The Art of Emoji Marketing: 7 Clever Examples From Top Brands

Are you using this new language in your medical practice’s marketing?

At Virginia Creative Group, we don’t move on ALL trends, but we do encourage the ones we know are working. And emojis are working!

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