SEO traffic Virginia Creative Group Yorktown VAIn this Google-centric planet we live on, medical practices always want to know about SEO.

How can we have better search engine optimization? 

How can we do better SEO so we get more search engine traffic?

Absolutely, these are good questions to ask.

But our answer might surprise you.

Part of why we blog for our clients is so they have engaging custom content to attract readers and search engines. Some of our clients have 90+ blogs as part of their website. (Retained clients get one Google-smart, custom blog written, posted, optimized and marketed each month that speaks right to the decision makers.) This is also part of why we are constantly adjusting the content on our clients’ websites—to be as optimized as possible for SEO.

But this isn’t the whole picture of what SEO should be.

You don’t just “do SEO” and land immediately on the first page of Google. It takes time! It takes strategy!

SEO should start with this question:

How can our medical practice be Simply Excellent Online?

Is your website something awesome online? Is it authentically reflecting your practice, providing great information, speaking to your current and prospective patients? Is it providing a pleasant user experience?

At VCG, we’ve got your SEO covered—but it starts with being Simply Excellent Online. Part of that relies on the 100 steps we take to build a website. From there, we can manage the details of Search Engine Optimization. You can’t fool the system. SEO takes solid, ongoing work and your online presence needs to be all-around-great to support it!

Need a creative partner who can take the stress away and handle it all? Let’s talk.