When it comes to referral marketing, are you listening to the data? 

Or listening to what you think is happening?

The truth is, you might be bending over backwards for referral sources who aren’t actually referring much business. 

At Virginia Creative Group, we help medical practices with referral marketing. We develop and implement strategies for each practice. And we ensure these strategies are based on actual proof.

Many new clients have a general feeling that referral marketing is working. But they don’t know for sure. They don’t really know where the new patients are coming from. After we drill down a bit, we discover they’re coming from somewhere different than they had thought.

Why? When it comes to checking a box, people don’t always check the most accurate one.

They might check “dentist” because it’s first on the list when they weren’t actually referred by the dentist. 

And just because they go to a certain dentist, doesn’t mean the dentist referred them.

This haphazard approach to referral marketing doesn’t work well. It doesn’t maximize time or money—and we’re all about making those things go as far as possible for our medical practices.

Sure, you might get lucky, but by actually basing your referral marketing in data and facts, you can nurture a more effective marketing pipeline that actually sends new patients your way. 

At Virginia Creative Group, when we look at referral marketing data, we look at the numbers and names that come through website submissions, what your team puts in the software, and we also look at what you and your team perceive based on your conversations with patients.

We know what it takes to strip away the false data and gather real data. This way:

  • You’ll know who to visit
  • You’ll know who to reward
  • You’ll know who to work on your relationship with 
  • You’ll know where the opportunities are 

At VCG, we believe your medical practice deserves a referral marketing program that actually works.

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