Are you valuing what you do? Is it time to raise your rates? We have one particular client—an orthodontic practice—who decided to raise their rates. Approximately $900 per case. (WOW right?) And guess what? This practice immediately saw a BIG JUMP in case acceptance.

The month they raised their rates, their starts more than doubled.

It all made sense. This orthodontic practice was charging the least, by far, of all of our clients! Even with great marketing, these low prices were hindering their growth.

This situation is a major reminder that:

  • People don’t value what they don’t pay for.
  • If you are underpriced compared to those in your market, people might wonder why. People may see your services as “cheap,” and nobody wants “cheap” medical care.
  • Patients shop around. They go to 2 or 3 for consultations. They don’t want the cheapest option (unless maybe it’s only slightly cheaper than the others).
  • They can afford you if they want to.

At VCG, we want to remind you that your pricing reflects your value.

Maybe you should raise your rates?

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