Print collateral: Did you forget about it?

Your website is evolving.

Your social media is evolving—hopefully every single day! (And if it’s not, here are 12 reasons why we should handle your social media.)

Unfortunately, sometimes print materials get a bit neglected.

Patient education materials, letterheads, business cards, postcards, written instructions—they are steady marketers that do their jobs quietly. They don’t demand updates in the same way as websites and social media networks do. That doesn’t mean their freshness isn’t equally as important.

-Has your letterhead been updated recently? (Or is it the same since your practice started?)

-Have you ordered new business cards for the 20thtime without updating them?

-Have you changed a doctor?

-Added a location?

-Added a social media network?

-Has the patient portal changed?

It’s time to take a look at your print materials—and give them the same attention your digital marketing efforts (hopefully!) get.

All of your marketing has to be evolving all of the time!

When it comes to your print materials, we like to evolve things every time we do a re-print. We check if anything has changed, and determine if there’s a way to help the print feel relevant and achieve its goal. We regularly adjust your print materials be succinct, accurate and clear!

We pay attention to every detail—because those details matter to your patients.

If Virginia Creative Group didn’t evolve every day, we probably wouldn’t exist today. Our ability to change, grow and evolve is one of our biggest strengths. It keeps us able to truly help our patients, it helps us attract new ones—and it keeps us successful.

Don’t put your medical practice’s design work on autopilot. Let us ensure all of your marketing is ever-evolving and up-to-date. Let’s talk.