The Client:
Peninsula Radiological Associates has provided top quality medical imaging services for over 50 years. Their board certified and fellowship-trained radiologists have over 200 years of combined experience. As a team they deliver the most comprehensive range of medical diagnostic imaging and interventional radiological procedures available on the Virginia Peninsula.

The Work:

>Brand Development
>Logo Design
>Website Design & Development
>Mobile Site Website Design
>Print Collateral Design
>Corporate Photography
>Social Media Marketing

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In Their Words:

“Virginia Creative Group to the rescue…

About 2 years ago, there was a critical need in my practice for a ” Geek”.

We needed a creative, engaging, trustworthy individual who could help us create a brand, rebuild a website, and provide some marketing ideas for our practice. Thankfully, Virginia Creative Group came to the rescue!

We needed a social media presence to engage our patient audience by listening and providing educational material customized to their needs. Virginia Creative Group to the rescue!

We needed visibility in our community as clinician experts in our field. What about blogs, radio talk shows, press releases, magazine articles? YES, all of it – Virginia Creative Group to the rescue!

Her team has helped us navigate the digital terrain by providing custom forms, appointment schedules, live maps to our facilities and patient stories and testimonials. Without question, her expertise and dedication has helped our practice immeasurably. It’s nice to know that during these uncertain times, you can always count on Virginia Creative Group – to the rescue! “ – Dr. Janice Newsome