5 Things that are WORKING for Orthodontic Practices
(and yes, we can handle them for you)

Ever feel like technology is moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up? Don’t worry—it’s our job to keep upfor you. And today we’re bringing you up to speed on which new trends and initiatives in orthodontics are working—for both Invisalign and braces cases.

Our Orthodontic Practiceswho are implementing these tools are seeing:

  • increases in new patients
  • improved revenue
  • maximization of doctors’ time

So here’s the deal: If you’re not doing these five things, you should be!

If implementation isn’t your cup of tea, let us help

  • Express Consults.You know that folks are rushed for time and exposed to mail-order alternatives like SmileDirectClub. You can compete with online “clubs” like this without having to make your services cheaper or compromise on care. In an Express Consult, the patient meets ONLY with the Treatment Coordinator—not the doctor. The Treatment Coordinator provides details and fees, and if the patient decides to move forward, the doctor will supervise the case but have minimal involvement with the patient—perhaps meeting once at the beginning, once in the middle and once at the end.
  • Walk-In Consults.You’ve seen the walk-in Invisalign centers in malls. Why not find a way to allow walk-in consults at your practice? Is there a particular day of the week or afternoon where you could accommodate walk-ins? This can be easily combined with the Express Consult. The idea is that a patient can walk in and quickly get a scan, smile simulation and ballpark on fees. A Walk-In Consult is ideal for a prospective patient who isn’t a scheduler, is short on time, or simply decides to finally address something they’ve been thinking about. (The thing that finally pushes them to act could be the sign they see outside your practice promoting Walk-In Consults!)
  • Scan-While-Waiting.Your waiting room is a pool of potential clients who simply may need a little push into the possibility of straighter teeth and healthier smiles. Allow your current patients’ parents, grandparents, other children or family members to get a smile simulation while they wait. They’re already there! Even if they just try it for fun, they may realize a need they hadn’t considered before.
  • Virtual Consultations.Picture this: A potential client is sitting on their couch or in their office, and they take and upload an image of their smile to your website via a HIPAA-compliant platform. You’ve got a serious lead and you didn’t have to do anything except make this possible on your site. Next, you assess the pictures and determine whether or not they’re a candidate to come in. We’re seeing this more and more, and it’s working! You have to meet patients where they are—and that’s somewhere besides your office with a smartphone in their hands!
  • Text Messaging. Your patients want to text you.Many of them would prefer to text you! Set up a number that allows text communication, and put someone in charge of responding. Whether you’re only comfortable with texting for confirming or rescheduling appointments—or you’re willing to set up consults this way, there are lots of possibilities. We have practices who are doing this with great success…some of whom are responding back with videos that help inform, excite and seal the deal! The best part? Once you write up the language, it’s all just cut and paste so you can be assured your communication will be professional and exactly on-brand at all times!

Ready to embrace technology and current trends to get more clients, increase revenue and maximize your staff’s time and energy? We can help set up the process, pieces and parts. From language to marketing, handouts to signage, we can get all of these initiatives up and running at your practice so you can start to see the benefits.

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