As one of your area’s OB-GYN practices, do you know that people’s biggest life moments—the ones that make the most lasting impressions—happen between the ages of 15-30-ish? Things that are a big, huge deal, like:

  • Graduating from high school and college
  • Getting a driver’s license 
  • Getting married
  • Buying a new home
  • Starting a family

These moments are all bundled up into a certain time frame.

Many medical practices have the opportunity to be part of these big moments.

(Think about it. The pediatrician who gives a kid a keyring when they get their driver’s license—that’s something that gets remembered!)

But few medical practices have as BIG of an opportunity to be part of these moments as OB-GYN practices do. It’s because they can retain patients for this entire time!

When it comes to gynecological care, women have lots of choices. But if your OB-GYN practice is marketing in the middle and maximizing these major life moments, why would a patient ever leave? 

What if you truly defined a patient’s experience along this journey?

  • A card after their first visit (You did it!) 
  • Flowers or a branded gift when they get married
  • A t-shirt when they get pregnant
  • A bib when they have a baby
  • Patient education & support along the way that helps them navigate each new step from a family planning perspective 

These years are so critical. Why not be a part of them? Why not make your practice more memorable during this time—and add some celebration to these special life moments? Because these years are more than just the passage of time for your patients. Instead, it is the beginning of a new phase in life.

OB-GYNs—you have the biggest chance to be part of someone’s forever memory. We’ll help you take it. Let’s talk