OB-GYNs: Are you marketing in the middle?

Your expectant mothers are pregnant for a long time. Having a positive overall experience is important to them. And too many OB-GYN practices focus on the beginning and the end, but forget about the middle.

You need to be marketing in the middle!

Your patients want to feel engaged and supported along the way.

If all the little experiences in the middle are approached with the same care and attention as the beginning and end of pregnancy, it can really distinguish your practice.

Here’s how your OB-GYN practice can stand out (by marketing in the middle):

  • Clearly define the expectant mother’s flight path, so she knows what to expect at every step.
  • Educate her along the way. If it can happen, show a video with matching some education materials about it so she feels well-informed and in good hands.
  • Give her things to highlight each milestone and make the experience memorable.
  • Communicate at every step!

Ask yourself:

  1. What are you doing about the middle?
  2. Are you making those moments memorable?
  3. Are you sending things along the way?
  4. Are you reinforcing confidence in you?
  5. Ae you giving reasons to talk positively about you?
  6. Are you finding ways to be unique from other OB-GYN practices?
  7. Are you educating?
  8. Do you have a marketing plan that you consistently follow?
  9. Is your staff aware and empowered regarding this marketing plan?

Women who are pregnant have lots of choices.

Make your practice the undeniable choice—the first time, and to come back to—again and again.

Need an OB-GYN marketing agency who can develop and implement a marketing plan for you—while taking your stress away? Let’s talk.