Bad stuff? We can handle that too.

When times are rough, VCG wants you to know, we got you. A longtime client of ours, Parks Orthodontics, had a practice bird—who for 25 years—was part of their remarkable patient experience. Unfortunately the bird, Sunny, passed away this winter. As soon as they told us the sad news, we immediately launched into action. Since having a practice bird is rather uncommon, there wasn’t a pre-defined plan for handling this sort of thing, so we built one.

While Parks Orthodontics was dealing with the emotional transition, we presented ideas and solutions, so they didn’t have to think of them. We came up with a plan. With their approval on the direction, we handled all the marketing and PR. We created a flyer to help the children adjust, sent an email, handled social media, did all the PR pieces, and we came up for an idea for how to cover the cage.

We even drove around and held birds, to present the option of a new practice bird.

We got you.

At VCG, we have been with our medical practices through the good and the bad. We’ve supported practices through bird death, the loss of a provider, troublesome employees and many other difficult transitions.

As a deeply invested marketing partner, we put together the plan. We present the possible solutions. You just have to say YES or NO.

If you are a fully-retained client, our partnership has no boundaries. If you need us, we’re there.

When you work with Virginia Creative Group, you get a partner who is there through the highs and the lows—always ensuring effective, relationship-strengthening communication with your patients, in other words – we got you.

Need a marketing partner who provides an elevated level of care and lifts the marketing burden? Let’s talk.