Every wonder “Why am I not on the first page of Google?” When you get a new website, it’s exciting to think of all of its possibilities. When built correctly, (the VCG way!) you now have a beautifully-branded website where your prospective patients can find relevant information and interact with your practice. You also have a powerful tool that can be the home base for your social media and search engine optimization efforts.

But a wonderful new website doesn’t automatically put you on the first page of Google.

Think of a website like a little peach tree. It has great potential to yield lots of peaches for a long time, but you have to help it grow. You have to water it, prune it and feed it. If you just do the bare minimum (let the rain water it), you probably won’t have many peaches. The fact is, you’ve got to feed and water your website so it gets good search engine rankings.

Why it’s not immediate…

Google will spider (look for) for websites every 3-4 weeks. We don’t know when that’s going to be. So you could be waiting one day or 27 days for Google to find your site. Then it takes another 3-6 months to fully populate online.

Setting you up for SEO success…

A VCG website is built with nearly 100 detailed steps. Some of those steps happen after the site is launched. See, we don’t want just give you a beautiful, user-friendly website. We want to give you a website that’s going to have the foundation for excellent search engine rankings! So for a month after your website launches, we spend time submitting and registering your site to ensure it’s as search engine friendly as possible.

How to get on the first page of Google…

Our perfect trifecta for search engine awesomeness is:

  1. SEO and blogging: Learn why blogging is critical.
  2. Engaging social media efforts: Are you using Instagram Business?
  3. SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Learn why your practice should be advertising with Google.

The strongest websites use this three-pronged approach. If you can do all three, your website will start building valuable links, content, and inevitably, higher search engine rankings (and the traffic that comes along with it). If your budget doesn’t allow for SEM, start with blogging and grow from there.

Don’t have time to prune, water and grow your website? We can handle everything for you. Let’s talk.