negative reviews recovery marketing planThe power of correction – Discuss bad reviews

You may not like reading a negative review. You may not agree with it. But if you’re ignoring the value in feedback—you’re doing your medical practice a huge disservice!

When it comes to any kind of medical practice marketing, and specifically urgent care marketing, if you don’t adjust because of feedback, you will not thrive as a business. So if you get angry or shut down feedback, we suggest a new approach. Like everything, seeing the value in negative feedback takes practice…but believe us, it’s worth it!

Look at reviews like candy

Please, do not sweep bad reviews under the rug. Each one is an opportunity—and it can be held in high regard. Reviews don’t need to be received with anger. Instead, you can look at each review like a piece of candy. Grab each one and realize it’s something GOOD. Something that can help you do better.

Make reviews part of your daily or weekly routine

We suggest reading your positiveandnegative reviews in a huddle. Then ask objectively—what can we do about this? If reviews are a part of your regular routine, they become less of a threat. Celebrate the positive ones, and when it comes to the less-complimentary ones, consider: How can we do better?

What about crazy reviews?

Yes, you’ll get some over-the-top feedback from people who will never be happy—but if you keep getting reviews that mention the same things, then you definitely have an issue that needs to be reconciled—even if the reviewer doesn’t deliver it in the most tactful manner.

We get it!

At VCG, when a client sends us a correction or gives us negative feedback, we might notliketo hear it—but we hear it loud and clear. How will we grow if we don’t?! If our clients aren’t 1000% percent happy at all times, we lay awake in bed at night figuring out how to make it so.

After all, our job is to lift the marketing burden and make our clients lives easier! Everything we do it driven by that mission.

How does your practice view and respond to feedback?

At VCG, we handle all of your marketing so it’s easy for you to make patients happy.

Want the marketing burden lifted so you can focus on patient care? Let’s talk.