How do you ask for reviews?

Clients ask us all the time, “How do we ask patients for Google reviews?”

You’re only one ask away from a great review for your practice—so use that ask wisely. At just the right time, with just the right approach.

At VCG, this is how we recommend you ask patients to review you online:

  1. Wait for the right moment.That moment when they’re thrilled—that’s when you ask!  When a patient says, “Oh it was so great!” or “The doctor was so nice!”—that’s when you ask. The review needs to happen naturally and it can’t be forced. So in that moment when they’re voicing their delight, you simply ask: Would you mind leaving us a quick 5-star review online? OR Would you be willing to leave a quick review online for this visit?
  2. Offer them help.Do what you can to make this happen while they’re with you. Say: It’s easy.I can show you how to do it right now, on your phone. (This means you will need to practice so you actually know how to do it. Go ahead…leave a Google review right now!)
  3. If they ask, “What should I say?” Say: It can be super-simple. It would really help if you leave 5 stars and just say you had a great experience here.
  4. If they say, “Okay, I’ll do it later.” If they don’t do it right there, the chances of them leaving a review drop significantly. To improve the likelihood of them doing the review once they leave:
    1. Hand them a postcard with instructions and appreciation.
    2. Say, “I can’t wait to see what you put up!” I’m going to look for it this afternoon.”

It’s extremely important that you make your practice’s reputation a priority by asking for online reviews. Celebrate the victories, but don’t take it personally when a patient doesn’t leave a review. Remember, it comes down to them, the timing and the pressures they might be facing. All you can do is ask!

And if you ask for online reviews the way we’ve suggested, you will have a very high success rate.

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