rewards for patients Virginia Creative Group Yorktown VAAs a mom of two kids, I can tell you that Moms (and Dads) genuinely appreciate you helping to motivate their kids through rewards programs! They need all the help they can ensuring their kids brush their teeth and take care of their braces or Invisalign. It’s not only the parents who dig it. Kids love it too—because they can get cool stuff (kids love cool stuff)! As far as the oral hygiene part, we hope they’ll appreciate it when they’re older. 😉

Why have an awesome rewards program?

  • Parents appreciate it
  • Kids get excited and motivated
  • You’ll get referred because of it!

At VCG, we believe in rewards programs and think they’re fantastic! A rewards program is a great way to incentivize kids, and keep them moving forward and doing the right thing. Pick a program based on what your team will be consistent with.

Which rewards program is right for your practice? 

Here are some options, plus pros and cons for each one:

Option 1: Record Points in Patient Software 

If your software has a place for notes or to register compliance, this may work for you. You make up points values, keep notes on the patient’s progress, and give them a prize when they reach a milestone. It doesn’t require kids to play online games; they get instant gratification. This option gives you tons of flexibility and the only cost is for the swag, but it’s most intensive on the team. You need team buy-in! 

Option 2: Earn Collectable Pins

Kids earn pins for certain things: great brushing, referring a friend, making honor roll, wearing your t-shirt, etc. Kids this age really respond to collecting tangible things; they get to collect something special for doing something special! This option provides instant gratification, it’s super affordable and low-maintenance, and if the kids put the pins of their backpacks, it provides free advertising.

Option 3: The Fishbowl 

Get a big fishbowl. Each month, put a new prize next to it. Every time a patient does something rewardable, they put their name in the bowl to be in the running for Patient of the Month (POM). At month’s end, you draw a name. That patient gets announced on social media and they win the prize. The good news: It’s extremely easy and motivating. The bad news: A child might work really hard and not get a prize, which could displease them (or their parents). However, it could also be a valuable life-lesson: People don’t always win.

Option 4: Treasure Chest of Swag

You have a box, chest, bag or even closet full of items. Each time they visit, a patient can choose something. Our favorite is a simple treasure box that kids can pick something from. If you want to go the mystery route, each prize can be hidden inside a baggie so it’s a surprise. Or the child can close their eyes, stick their hand inside the bag and feel around to select something. This is great because the child can get something every time they come in. There is instant gratification, it’s flexible, and it’s especially fun for whoever’s in charge. 

No matter which option you choose, we can help you make it REWARDING. Let’s talk