phone étiquette Virginia Creative Group Yorktown VAIf you are the person who answers the phone at your medical practice—this one’s for you…

You may not realize just how important your job is. 

As the first person callers come into contact with, YOU are the ambassador to the practice.

You have the first opportunity to be the best part of someone’s day.

Every single time that phone rings, you have the opportunity to help a human feel heard and supported. To put a smile on their face. This is huge!

We have talked about the power of confident, helpful words in making patients feel comfortable. To build on that, here are our favorite tips specifically for sunshine-spreaders (phone-answerers):

  1. Know your power. You have the ability to impact someone’s day positively—and that has a ripple effect. Think about it. They have a wonderful experience on the phone with you. They hang up feeling pleased. They do something nice for someone else. And before you know it, you’ve made so many things better.
  2. Tape yourself. In the moment, perception and reality don’t always match. Record yourself regularly—you might be surprised at how you sound, and it’s a great learning tool. (There are nuggets of gold here, the same way negative reviews are like candy.) 
  3. See yourself. You can hear when someone is smiling. Put a mirror on your computer so you can see yourself; this will help you remember to smile.
  4. Answer the phone with something unique. We love it when practices answer the phone like, “It’s a great day at (practice name); how can I help you?” or “Welcome to (practice name); how can I make you smile?” 
  5. Become obsessed with listening instead of just talking. It’s easy to unintentionally slip into a routine on a patient call where you forget to ask great questions and really listen to the answers. Through active listening, you can hear what a client’s concerns, pressures and needs are. 
  6. Don’t forget to solve the problem or book the appointment. Being nice matters, but don’t forget to provide a concrete solution or next step. When you do, you become a superhero because you’ve solved their problem!

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