17 ideas for magical morning huddle

Want patients to experience the camaraderie of a unified and cheerful staff? It doesn’t just happen. A little bit of nurturing is necessary to break the ice and generate team spirit—and this is precisely why we recommend a short yet effective morning huddle ritual to all of our practices. Before patients start arriving and the [...]

Orthodontic Practices: 5 Ways to Stay Ahead

5 Things that are WORKING for Orthodontic Practices (and yes, we can handle them for you) Ever feel like technology is moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up? Don’t worry—it’s our job to keep up for you. And today we’re bringing you up to speed on which new trends and initiatives in orthodontics [...]

Are you offering Invisalign® First? 

Invisalign’s new product, Invisalign® First, is an alternative to palate expanders for children. It’s a unique product that can be used to correct a number of issues in the positioning of growing teeth. If your orthodontic practice is ready to offer Invisalign® First, we can handle the marketing. Your tailor-made plan might include:  A great [...]

Should your practice be using emojis?|

Using emojis in your medical practice marketing   You’re probably using them in text messages… You’re seeing them in email subject lines… EMOJIS! Believe it or not, it’s an actual language—and everybody is speaking it these days. Why are we talking about them? Because emojis are a great way to distinguish and invigorate your marketing. [...]

Bending over backwards for “referral” sources?

Doing more for referral sources than they do for you? Time for a quick reality check!  Part of our job at VCG is to keep it real for our clients. If you were wasting time, money or energy on something—you’d want us to tell you, right?  Well, get ready… If you’re bending over backwards for [...]

Raise your rates?

Are you valuing what you do? We have one particular client—an orthodontic practice—who decided to raise their rates. Approximately $900 per case. (WOW right?) And guess what? This practice immediately saw a BIG JUMP in case acceptance. The month they raised their rates, their starts more than doubled.  It all made sense. This orthodontic practice [...]

Start a practice scholarship

Starting a practice scholarship  A practice scholarship is such a great way to give back. And it doesn’t have to take lots of time or cost you a fortune, either. Some of our practices give a $500 scholarship to one student per year. Some do less, some do more—but what’s important is that you have [...]

7 Reasons Your Practice Should Be Like Chick-fil-A

Carol here—with a lesson from my recent lunch expedition… I could see it right there in front of me: Chick-fil-A.  I was in a new location for a meeting. I had never been to this particular Chick-fil-A—but when I saw it, my lunch choice was a no-brainer. But since I didn’t quite know the roads, [...]

Reinvigorate your morning huddle

The key to a 5-minute morning huddle Does your practice do a morning huddle?  Or did you stop because it got too long/overwhelming/burdensome? Don’t give up! Morning routines are important. A morning huddle will re-center everybody and put your team on the same page for a great day. Every practice should be doing a daily [...]

Easy Steps to Transfer Trust

Transfer of trust has value We love real-world experiences of amazing patient care…especially when we get to have a positive experience that we aren’t expecting. Even though we are creatives who help medical practices grow, we are also sometimes patients too—and this patient-perspective is really helpful. Recently Carol took her daughter to a children’s orthopedic [...]