7 Reasons Your Practice Should Be Like Chick-fil-A


Carol here—with a lesson from my recent lunch expedition… I could see it right there in front of me: Chick-fil-A. I was in a new location for a meeting. I had never been to this particular Chick-fil-A—but when I saw [...]

7 Reasons Your Practice Should Be Like Chick-fil-A2019-08-23T10:54:45-04:00

Reinvigorate your morning huddle


The key to a 5-minute morning huddle Does your practice do a morning huddle?  Or did you stop because it got too long/overwhelming/burdensome? Don’t give up! Morning routines are important. A morning huddle will re-center everybody and put your team [...]

Reinvigorate your morning huddle2019-08-23T10:55:07-04:00

Easy Steps to Transfer Trust


Transfer of trust has value We love real-world experiences of amazing patient care…especially when we get to have a positive experience that we aren’t expecting. Even though we are creatives who help medical practices grow, we are also sometimes patients [...]

Easy Steps to Transfer Trust2019-08-23T10:56:11-04:00

Virginia Creative Group Featured in Oyster Pointer Magazine!


If Carol Hayes’ brain lit up every time she had a great idea, she would be a walking, talking beacon of bright light. Hayes is founder of Virginia Creative Group (VCG), a marketing and advertising agency that works primarily with [...]

Virginia Creative Group Featured in Oyster Pointer Magazine!2019-09-12T09:13:54-04:00

Make time for listening—it’s worth it


Think of this post as a public service announcement. Listen to your employees. Yes, seriously. Listen to them. They know more than you might think. They see your practice from a different perspective than you do and have lots of [...]

Make time for listening—it’s worth it2019-08-23T10:58:28-04:00

Remarkable, memorable & referable


How to create remarkable, memorable client relationships. Creating a remarkable, memorable relationship doesn’t just make patients feel good, it makes you feel good too! And as an extra bonus, it gets you referred! You’re in this field to help people [...]

Remarkable, memorable & referable2019-08-09T14:05:27-04:00

How they EXIT is as important as how they ENTER


Provide your patients with an awesome exit experience When a patient leaves, what do you do? Don’t let them just leave. Make it special. At many practices, cases get started with lots of energy and attention. Unfortunately, some practices forget [...]

How they EXIT is as important as how they ENTER2019-08-09T14:02:02-04:00

Have you defined your patient experience?


Your patient experience: Don't keep it secret! If you’re trying to bake something without knowing what it is—it probably won’t turn out very good. The same goes for creating a set of standards for your patient experience. If it’s not [...]

Have you defined your patient experience?2019-08-09T14:09:05-04:00

ISO: Community Groups and Why They Matter For Your Practice


As we continue to stay current and with latest and greatest, unique marketing strategies, we bring to you a discussion on the wildly popular social media platform, Facebook. According to Zephoria’s ongoing Facebook statistic research, as of March 2018, 1.40 [...]

ISO: Community Groups and Why They Matter For Your Practice2019-08-09T14:56:13-04:00