Primary Care Marketing: How are You Becoming Urgent? 

Everything is becoming more on-demand. More time-focused. More urgent. People have needs, and expect them to be met quicker. It’s the way the world is evolving. What is your primary care practice doing to become urgent?  Because if you’re not your primary care marketing, you may get left in the dust. At VCG, we recommend [...]

OB-GYN Marketing: What about the middle?

OB-GYNs: Are you marketing in the middle?  Your expectant mothers are pregnant for a long time. Having a positive overall experience is important to them. And too many OB-GYN practices focus on the beginning and the end, but forget about the middle. You need to be marketing in the middle!  Your patients want to feel [...]

Need a digital agency? Read this…

We don’t believe in digital alone. We believe in having a carefully managed, controlled spend on digital, overseeing the results, and making sure these digital marketing efforts are part of a comprehensive marketing plan that is actually working for your medical practice. Yes, you can have a digital agency who gets you a million clicks [...]

How to ask for Google reviews

How do you ask for reviews?  Clients ask us all the time, “How do we ask patients for Google reviews?” You’re only one ask away from a great review for your practice—so use that ask wisely. At just the right time, with just the right approach.  At VCG, this is how we recommend you ask [...]

Print materials: Are they evolving with you?

Print collateral: Did you forget about it? Your website is evolving. Your social media is evolving—hopefully every single day! (And if it’s not, here are 12 reasons why we should handle your social media.) Unfortunately, sometimes print materials get a bit neglected. Patient education materials, letterhead, business cards, postcards, written instructions—they are steady marketers that [...]

Why should patients choose you?

How is your practice different? Why is your favorite restaurant your favorite? Why did you pick your gym from all the other options? All restaurants are not created equal. All gyms are not created equal.  And all medical practices are not created equal! Yours is unique. It stands out for a reason—probably many reasons! As [...]

The best things your team members can say

7 great phrases to say to patients Confident, helpful, comforting words make the world go ’round.  People need to be guided. They need a little help. They need support. Especially when it comes to something as delicate, personal and nervousness-inducing as medical care!  These are the top phrases that your team members should be saying [...]

Dental Practices: You Need a Membership Program

How a membership program will benefit for your practice For dental practices, we’re seeing more membership programs and plans pop up. Why? Because they work!  Think about it: Stitch Fix, Dollar Shave Club, Whole30, Weight Watchers, Sam’s Club, the rewards program at Chick-Fil-A, gyms, churches, craft clubs—everybody’s adding a membership, subscription or club element to [...]

“Social media looks easy. Maybe a team member can handle it.”

Medical practices: Trust your social media to an expert! “Social media looks easy. Maybe a team member can handle it.” If this thought has crossed your mind, this post is for you. Even if your billing coordinator is really good at Twitter or Instagram on a personal level, there is a huge difference between doing [...]