Don’t let them leave. Capture the moment. 

Have you ever found that if you don’t write something down, or do it immediately, it disappears from your brain?Perhaps this is happening now more than ever because of the instant culture we live in. Google makes everything possible in a moment. We can order food, buy with one-click, book a trip, schedule an appointment, even buy a car on demand.

It’s no wonder humans have significantly shorter attention spans today than we used to! These days, people want to make a decision in their time of need and not have to WAIT.

For your medical practice, here are a few ways we recommend you help support your patients’ and prospects’ short attention spans.

  • Schedule your patient’s next appointment before they leave. Are you aggressive in scheduling your follow-up appointments? It’s so much easier to get a follow-up appointment on a patient’s calendar before they leave. Include this in your exit process so you can be sure the appointment gets made and your patients don’t have to worry about it.
  • Use live chat to communicate with patients. If a patient wants to schedule or cancel an appointment, they may not want to pick up the phone. So many things are text-based now—why can’t your practice communicate that way, too?
  • Offer video consultations if applicable. Let’s face it…with everything becoming more convenient, people don’t want to leave their homes if they don’t have to. (Remember when we had to go to the bank to deposit checks?) Video consultations can be an effective way of meeting patient needs and maximizing a doctor’s time.
  • Allow for same-day appointments. We have countless practices that have adjusted their schedule to start now! What’s stopping you? Whether you’re an orthodontist, dentist, orthopedic practice or urgent care, adjust your schedule to make room for day-of appointments. When people are searching for you, they are motivated to take action. The easier you make it for them to see you, the better. If you can’t accommodate same-day appointments, make online booking simple and straightforward so they can get something in the calendar ASAP.

Here are more ways to leverage the on-demand nature of medical practice marketing:

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