Not-so-great moment? We got you.

Bad stuff? We can handle that too. A longtime client of ours, Parks Orthodontics, had a practice bird—who for 25 years—was part of their remarkable patient experience.  Unfortunately the bird, Sunny, passed away this winter.  As soon as they told us the sad news, we immediately launched into action. Since having a practice bird is [...]

Negative reviews are like candy

The power of correction - Discuss bad reviews You may not like reading a negative review. You may not agree with it. But if you’re ignoring the value in feedback—you’re doing your medical practice a huge disservice! When it comes to any kind of medical practice marketing, and specifically urgent care marketing, if you don’t [...]

What’s your magical marketing moment?

As a medical practice, it’s your job to provide excellent patient care. But what makes you stand out beyond that is providing a wonderful experience. People don’t just want capable medical care. They want to feel cared for and listened to. We’ve previously shared tips to create remarkable, memorable patient experiences, but today we want to share a few more [...]

What’s Nextdoor & How Can It Help My Business?

Do you reach out to friends and family for recommendations on local businesses? Do you read reviews before making a big purchase? Do you trust a personal recommendation from a neighbor or co-worker? If you answered yes to even one of those questions,  you are not alone. You, along with most of the population, heavily [...]

Leverage the power of Instagram stickers

Stickers make people happy. And not just the scented, sparkly, puffy ones. In fact, we’re not talking about those kinds of stickers at all. Today, we’re talking about Instagram stickers—and yes indeed, they do make people just as happy as a notebook full of special, colorful adhesive stickers. But Instagram stickers are even more engaging. And [...]

8 Things Successful Dental Practices Are Doing

At Virginia Creative Group, we don’t just do orthodontic practice marketing. We also do dental practice marketing, orthopedic practice marketing and marketing for many types of medical practices! So today, DENTISTS, this one’s for you! What do we see the most successful dental practices doing? Our dental practices who are doing really well aren’t just [...]

17 ideas for magical morning huddle

Want patients to experience the camaraderie of a unified and cheerful staff? It doesn’t just happen. A little bit of nurturing is necessary to break the ice and generate team spirit—and this is precisely why we recommend a short yet effective morning huddle ritual to all of our practices. Before patients start arriving and the [...]

Orthodontic Practices: 5 Ways to Stay Ahead

5 Things that are WORKING for Orthodontic Practices (and yes, we can handle them for you) Ever feel like technology is moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up? Don’t worry—it’s our job to keep up for you. And today we’re bringing you up to speed on which new trends and initiatives in orthodontics [...]

Are you offering Invisalign® First? 

Invisalign’s new product, Invisalign® First, is an alternative to palate expanders for children. It’s a unique product that can be used to correct a number of issues in the positioning of growing teeth. If your orthodontic practice is ready to offer Invisalign® First, we can handle the marketing. Your tailor-made plan might include:  A great [...]

Should your practice be using emojis?|

Using emojis in your medical practice marketing   You’re probably using them in text messages… You’re seeing them in email subject lines… EMOJIS! Believe it or not, it’s an actual language—and everybody is speaking it these days. Why are we talking about them? Because emojis are a great way to distinguish and invigorate your marketing. [...]