Doing more for referral sources than they do for you?

Time for a quick reality check!

Part of our job at VCG is to keep it real for our clients.

If you were wasting time, money or energy on something—you’d want us to tell you, right?

Well, get ready…

If you’re bending over backwards for one referral source—it’s probably time to stop.

  • Do you think your practice’s success revolves around one (or two) referral sources?
  • Are you putting lots of money into nurturing “referral” sources with big events or gifts?
  • Is this just how you’ve “always” done it?

If yes, then you’re probably missing out.

And you may be using your time, money and energy unwisely.

The hard reality is—sometimes these relationships are not as fruitful as you might think. (Sometimes they can becomefruitful with a different approach.)  You hope your favorite dentist refers to you but not every new patient will find you this way.

  • Do you have actual proofthat these sources are working?

Having all your eggs in one basket isn’t a good idea when it comes to marketing or referral sources. As your prospects become more digitally engaged, their decision making changes—and your medical practice marketing needs to evolve, too. Old-fashioned referral relationships just won’t sustain your business.

Now don’t get us wrong. At Virginia Creative Group, we LOVE referral marketing because it works. Referrals generate tons of business for our clients. But we don’t cater to just one referral source…we work to maximize them all—friendly, family, online—so you’re not dependent on any in particular. Plus, we spend the time and money where you can see the results.

We encourage a full spectrum approach.



Not just one.

At VCG, we help you cut the dependency and pave your own path. We help you diversify.

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