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Print materials: Are they evolving with you?


Print collateral: Did you forget about it? Your website is evolving. Your social media is evolving—hopefully every single day! (And if it’s not, here are 12 reasons why we should handle your social media.) Unfortunately, sometimes print materials get a [...]

Print materials: Are they evolving with you?2019-08-23T10:21:34-05:00

Why should patients choose you?


How is your practice different?  Why should patients choose you? What makes your practice stand out? Why is your favorite restaurant your favorite? Why did you pick your gym from all the other options?All restaurants are not created equal. All gyms [...]

Why should patients choose you?2019-10-08T19:01:21-05:00

The best things your team members can say


7 great phrases to say to patients What are the best things your team member can say? Confident, helpful, comforting words make the world go ’round. People need to be guided. They need a little help. They need support. Especially when [...]

The best things your team members can say2019-10-08T19:05:39-05:00

Dental Practices: You Need a Membership Program


How a membership program will benefit for your practice For dental practices, we’re seeing more membership programs and plans pop up. Why? Because they work! Think about it: Stitch Fix, Dollar Shave Club, Whole30, Weight Watchers, Sam’s Club, the rewards [...]

Dental Practices: You Need a Membership Program2019-08-23T10:25:57-05:00

“Social media looks easy. Maybe a team member can handle it.”


Medical practices: Trust your social media to an expert! “Instagram looks easy. Maybe a team member can handle it.” If this thought has crossed your mind, this post is for you. Even if your billing coordinator is really good at Twitter [...]

“Social media looks easy. Maybe a team member can handle it.”2019-10-08T19:11:51-05:00

Capture the moment.


Don’t let them leave. Capture the moment.  Have you ever found that if you don’t write something down, or do it immediately, it disappears from your brain?Perhaps this is happening now more than ever because of the instant culture we [...]

Capture the moment.2019-10-08T19:14:07-05:00

Not-so-great moment? We got you.


Bad stuff? We can handle that too. When times are rough, VCG wants you to know, we got you. A longtime client of ours, Parks Orthodontics, had a practice bird—who for 25 years—was part of their remarkable patient experience. Unfortunately [...]

Not-so-great moment? We got you.2019-10-08T19:26:34-05:00

Negative reviews are like candy


The power of correction - Discuss bad reviews You may not like reading a negative review. You may not agree with it. But if you’re ignoring the value in feedback—you’re doing your medical practice a huge disservice! When it comes [...]

Negative reviews are like candy2019-10-08T19:28:45-05:00

What’s your magical marketing moment?


As a medical practice, it’s your job to provide excellent patient care. But what makes you stand out beyond that is providing a wonderful experience. What is your magical marketing moment? People don’t just want capable medical care. They want to feel cared for and listened to. [...]

What’s your magical marketing moment?2019-10-08T19:34:41-05:00

What’s Nextdoor & How Can It Help My Business?


Do you ever wonder who is nextdoor and how can they help you with business? Do you reach out to friends and family for recommendations on local businesses? Do you read reviews before making a big purchase? Do you trust a personal recommendation [...]

What’s Nextdoor & How Can It Help My Business?2019-10-08T19:39:22-05:00