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OB-GYN practices: Maximize their moments!


As one of your area's OB-GYN practices, do you know that people’s biggest life moments—the ones that make the most lasting impressions—happen between the ages of 15-30-ish? Things that are a big, huge deal, like: Graduating from high school [...]

OB-GYN practices: Maximize their moments!2019-10-11T12:17:25-04:00

Special marketing for bi-specialty practices


If you run a bi-specialty practice—pediatric dentistry and orthodontics—you are unique. And we hope you are marketing your practice that way! At Virginia Creative Group, we specialize in marketing bi-specialty practices because we have learned through the years how to do [...]

Special marketing for bi-specialty practices2019-10-08T18:24:49-04:00

Great Options for Patient Rewards Programs


As a mom of two kids, I can tell you that Moms (and Dads) genuinely appreciate you helping to motivate their kids through rewards programs! They need all the help they can ensuring their kids brush their teeth and take [...]

Great Options for Patient Rewards Programs2019-09-17T11:26:13-04:00

Referral marketing: Listen to the data


When it comes to referral marketing, are you listening to the data?  Or listening to what you think is happening? The truth is, you might be bending over backwards for referral sources who aren’t actually referring much business.  At Virginia [...]

Referral marketing: Listen to the data2019-09-17T11:23:51-04:00

SEO: Simply Excellent Online


In this Google-centric planet we live on, medical practices always want to know about SEO. How can we have better search engine optimization?  How can we do better SEO so we get more search engine traffic? Absolutely, these are good [...]

SEO: Simply Excellent Online2019-09-17T11:18:37-04:00

Do you answer the phone? – 6 tips for an extremely important job


If you are the person who answers the phone at your medical practice—this one’s for you… You may not realize just how important your job is.  As the first person callers come into contact with, YOU are the ambassador to [...]

Do you answer the phone? – 6 tips for an extremely important job2019-09-17T11:15:13-04:00

Primary Care Marketing: How are You Becoming Urgent? 


Do you have Primary Care Marketing? Everything is becoming more on-demand. More time-focused. More urgent. People have needs, and expect them to be met quicker. It’s the way the world is evolving. What is your primary care practice doing to become urgent? [...]

Primary Care Marketing: How are You Becoming Urgent? 2019-10-08T18:35:41-04:00

OB-GYN Marketing: What about the middle?


OB-GYNs: Are you marketing in the middle? Your expectant mothers are pregnant for a long time. Having a positive overall experience is important to them. And too many OB-GYN practices focus on the beginning and the end, but forget about the middle. You [...]

OB-GYN Marketing: What about the middle?2019-10-08T18:44:30-04:00

Need a digital agency? Read this…


We don’t believe in digital alone. As a digital agency, we believe in having a carefully managed, controlled spend on digital, overseeing the results, and making sure these digital marketing efforts are part of a comprehensive marketing plan that is [...]

Need a digital agency? Read this…2019-10-08T18:57:10-04:00

How to ask for Google reviews


How do you ask for reviews? Clients ask us all the time, “How do we ask patients for Google reviews?” You’re only one ask away from a great review for your practice—so use that ask wisely. At just the right [...]

How to ask for Google reviews2019-08-23T10:20:02-04:00