Invisalign’s new product, Invisalign® First, is an alternative to palate expanders for children. It’s a unique product that can be used to correct a number of issues in the positioning of growing teeth. It is designed with children in mind. This new aligner system works with a mixture of dentition including primary teeth and permanent teeth. If your orthodontic practice is ready to offer Invisalign® First, we can handle the marketing. Your tailor-made plan might include:

  • A great website page
  • blogging
  • PR
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Online ads
  • In-office educational content
  • Signage

Plus, Invisalign has already created some great tools to help promote it, like this adorable video:

Their generosity with marketing tools is just one of the reasons why we love Invisalign.

See Invisalign® First marketing in action…

Check out this web page we made for Parks Orthodontics explaining the benefits and treatment process of Invisalign® First. Go Dr. Parks!

Whether it’s Invisalign® First, or another new service you’re offering, we’ve got your covered. At Virginia Creative Group, we are ready to show off your service to the people who may need it. (And to attract them, engage them, and turn them into loyal fans!)

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