Kind Words From Our Clients

I am a huge fan of Carol and the Virginia Creative Group!  I used to spend too much time trying to manage and build our practice and it was never done well and it was never organized.  What I like most however is that Carol and her team have style.  They don’t present the cookie cutter website or the cookie cutter marketing and SEO.  What they present is the image that we want, that we are unique and that we are the right choice.  We are always at the top of searches and they are extremely quick to get what we want to us.  Carol is amazing at taking feedback and understanding our vision.  Their photography and design are amazing.  I have NEVER regretted working with her and am constantly impressed with what she presents and with her hard work and efficiency.  Working with the Virginia Creative Group is the best choice I have made for my business. – Graham Gardner, Gardner Orthodontics

“Our doctors and providers use the motto “Experience Matters” frequently throughout our practice.  When we began looking for a creative group, we took that same motto and searched across the state for a team who would bring our vision to life and we found Virginia Creative Group!  Over the last two years, they have taken our vision and our brand to a level far above which we could have imagined. Their creative ideas, unique concepts, and expertise in all areas of marketing and branding have been exceptional. Our partnership with VCG is invaluable and our marketing department and our practice would not be where we are today without their support.”April Weston, Hampton Roads Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine

“I have always been frustrated by the fact that our practice had so much great stuff going for it but nobody seemed to know about it. Carol and her team have done for us what we were never able to do for ourselves. They have gotten the word out. They have made the community aware of what separates us from the competition…and they have done it with class and style. They have done a great job developing a complete plan directed at all sources of new patients, including the Dental Offices, Social Media, Press Releases, web site upgrades, SEO, and fabulous internal marketing ideas. Our information sheets and new patient take home folders have been a huge boost. The best part for me is, I now know it is completely off my plate and being done better than we would have done it. In the past, our team was pretty good at developing ideas but they log jammed on my desk and never got executed.  Thanks in big part to Carol, we are having a great year in terms of growth of all our numbers!” Dr. David Hamer, Hamer & Hamer Orthodontics

“Marketing and advertising in the healthcare field is a challenge for doctors because we’ve never done it nor are we adequately trained on it.  Thankfully, I was referred to VCG by a colleague and mentor that I respect immensely.  There’s nothing better than having a team like VCG behind you – working with you through the process of branding, referral and online marketing, print work, and graphic design.  They run the complete suite of services and they allow you to be as aggressive or as conservative as you want to be.  They can tailor it to what you want and what you’re comfortable with.  Additionally, they offer invaluable expertise and advice on internal office projects like interior design, community festivals, school programs, and photography.  You can rest assured that the support VCG offers can allow you to balance your efforts on managing your practice and doing what you love – seeing patients.  It’s been a crazy first year of a start up practice for us and I can’t imagine where I’d be without Carol and her team.” – Dr. Lu – First Impression Orthodontics

“With the rapid changes in technology and communication, Virginia Creative group provides the specialized, personal service that my business needs to grow. Their creative marketing services are an essential part of the long term vision for my company.”Allison Hale, Parks Orthodontics

“In my experience, it is rare to find someone truly dedicated to all these fields and with her level of expertise.  Her creativity and drive for perfection make her uniquely qualified for her work. All Carol has done for me would be useless if they did not produce…. They do!  Carol’s direct mailers are the first mailers that have ever gotten a response. Our main website is forty-three pages and not only did Carol create this masterpiece, she manages it weekly, and spends countless hours working her magic to highly position it on the web.” – Dr. Anthony Martin, Anthony Martin Dentistry

“They put the PR in PRA.” – Dr. Ben Pettus, Peninsula Radiology

YA’LL ARE THE BEST…Seriously, this is fantastic and everything I hoped and wanted for this campaign. Thank you so much for taking the  concept of ORTHO Minute and turning into this genius production. I really do appreciate it.” – April, Hampton Roads Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine

“Our logo, printed materials and website were dated. The team at Virginia Creative Group is amazing. Carol Hayes recognized the need for a change and jumped in. She is energetic and super competent. The creative team nailed our new logo on the first try. Everyone loves it. The website is fantastic. We got our first lead from the website about 12 hours after it was launched. We have such confidence in the team at VCG that we have referred them to most all of our medical practice clients. They do what they say they are going to do, do it on time and do it on budget. They don’t come any better.” Richard Eggleston, Eggleston & Eggleston

“The trucks came back to us on Friday and look absolutely gorgeous! Thanks again so much for designing our new look. I know everyone will be really impressed when the trucks roll into our largest MOM project in Wise this week! The new image will certainly bring newfound favorable looks on the ole VDAF fleet!” – Tara C. Quinn, Executive Director, Virginia Dental Association Foundation

“I cannot imagine where we would be today without you. Thank you so much for all you and your team do to keep us at the forefront. We are blessed beyond words.” – Allison Parks

Virginia Creative Group to the rescue…About 2  years ago, there was a critical need in my practice for a ” Geek. We needed a creative, engaging, trustworthy individual who could help us create a brand, rebuild a  website, and provide some marketing ideas for our practice.  Thankfully, Virginia Creative Group came to the rescue! We needed a social media presence to engage our patient audience by listening and providing educational material customized to their needs. Virginia Creative Group to the rescue! We needed  visibility in our community as clinician experts in our field. What about blogs, radio talk shows, press releases, magazine articles?  YES,  all of it – Virginia Creative Group  to the rescue! Her team has helped us navigate the digital terrain by providing custom forms, appointment schedules, live maps to our facilities and patient stories and testimonials. Without question, her expertise and dedication has helped our practice immeasurably.  It’s nice to know that during these uncertain times, you can always count on Virginia Creative Group – to the rescue!Dr. Janice Newsome, Peninsula Radiology

“This race has grown so big thanks to you guys handling the marketing piece and making us look professional.”  – Robin, Pay It Forward Fund

“Virginia Creative Group has been wonderful to work with. From start to finish, they were able to cater to our needs and desires and create exactly what we needed. No matter how many times it meant making small adjustments or even changing big things, they worked with us until it was just right! The staff is helpful and courteous, and quick to communicate with us about anything we need.” – Comber PT

“The new patient folders are awesome! We had a strong first quarter, meeting our stretch goal of 2 full starts each day. Best first quarter since 2010.”


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