What are Successful Dental Practices Doing? At Virginia Creative Group, we don’t just do orthodontic practice marketing. We also do dental practice marketing, orthopedic practice marketing and marketing for many types of medical practices!

So today, DENTISTS, this one’s for you!

What do we see the most successful dental practices doing?

Our dental practices who are doing really well aren’t just providing a fantastic, compassionate patient experiences. They’re also staying on top of current trends. The most successful dental practices are:

  • Answering website leads as fast as the phone. By realizing that your website leads are just as valuable as your phone leads, your dental practice will have an edge. Respond to these quickly and professionally—and you’ll see a whole new avenue for new patients to engage with your practice.
  • Using live chat to communicate with patients. Our clients who are using this to communicate with patients are seeing a big difference in engagement and ease. They love it and their patients love it. Are you utilizing the power of chat to communicate with patients?
  • Creating their own in-house dental plan for patients without insurance. To really, truly meet the needs of patients, our successful dental practices are creating a dental insurance plan for patients who may not have one. It all comes back to the needs of the patients!
  • Using their lasers. From performing Frenectomies to dealing with mouth ulcers and other dental concerns, our most successful dental practices are always staying up-to-date on how their lasers can be used to improve patient health. Are you staying current on the latest technologies?
  • Promoting and encouraging whitening. Successful dental practices are integrating whitening services into their offerings by providing free whitening with other cosmetic services or simply by spreading the word that whitening services are available. Are you making whitening ultra-available and appealing?
  • Creating and implementing a  Kids’ Club and engaging the family. By having a Kids’ Club, dentists are celebrating their youngest visitors and engaging the entire family to produce decades of dental work. Are you nurturing your future patients through an amazing Kids’ Club?
  • Taking and sharing images of patients and results.  By taking a photo of the doctor with happy patients and sharing those online, dental practices are able to show off their good work and a strong sense of community. Use before and after pics, take pics of kids having fun in the office—and share them! Not just on social media, but also directly with the patients to make their experience special.
  • Using a presentation folder as a part of the new patient process. Dentists who are excelling do a great job of showing their value through every step of the process. This includes a presentation folder for big cases which heightens and respects the care plan.

At VCG, we handle the integration off all of these smart marketing elements into your practice, so it’s easy for you to make patients happy!

Dental practices: Want the marketing burden lifted? Let’s talk.