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Search Engine Optimization And Online Marketing

Driving traffic to your website has become one of the most effective marketing strategies. Most businesses find that they get more and spend less using effective search engine marketing.

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Three Main Ways to Drive Visitors to Your Website

Search Engine Optimization

  • More clicks – More visitors click organic rankings than paid search (SEM/PPC).
  • Credibility – Visitors often trust organic listings more than paid search (SEM/PPC) listings.
  • Conversion -Organic SEO results in higher conversion rate from your traffic.
  • Long term – Though it takes more effort and investment up front its a more sustainable online strategy long term.

Pay Per Click

    • Fast – Do you want quick results? Don’t want to wait for your organic SEO to take hold? As soon as we get your account up your ads will show.
    • You’re in Control – Turn ads off and on.. spend more or less each month. It’s your choice.
    • Be Specific – Want to focus on a certain demographic or location? PPC ads help you reach your target market.
    • Be on Top – Depending on your budget PPC ads often show above organic listings.

Local Search

  • Qualified Traffic – If your business or practice relies on customers within a certain geographic radius local SEO is a great way to qualify traffic.
  • Visual – Google often uses maps along with local results.
  • Mobile – Google is getting better at detecting location on both desktops an mobile phones. When a customer is searching near your practice or business google knows and places those listings higher is search results.

Looking for other online services such as social media or online reputation management? We’d love to talk about how Virginia Creative Group can support you!

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