What are you paying for but not implementing?

What’s lacking in your marketing implementation?

It’s one thing to decide to take advantage of a marketing opportunity.
Yes, let’s do that sponsorship.

It’s another thing to actually get it done.

This might be a problem you’ve run into at your busy practice.

But here’s the cool thing…

We implement the heck out of things. We maximize them like there’s no tomorrow. At VCG, we don’t do anything halfway, and we won’t let you either.

So if you’ve committed to a marketing effort, we are going to sure-as-heck make certain you get your buck’s worth!

Here’s an example:

  • One of our clients mentioned they had paid $300 for an ongoing sponsorship, but they weren’t utilizing any of its benefits (which included blog posts, signage and visibility). When we helped the practice utilize this partnership to its full potential, they got 250 leads. Not bad for a $300 sponsorship!

What are you paying for but not implementing?

Whether it’s a community festival, business partnership, radio show or moon landing—if it helps your practice grow, we’ll handle it for you. And then, we’ll measure the results!

Have you paid for any marketing opportunities that you’re not actually using? Let’s talk about them.

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