Is this a marketing opportunity worth taking advantage of?

gift imageWe know this question gets asked frequently at your practice.

Sometimes the marketing opportunities that arise are a great idea. And sometimes, they’re a waste of time. Sifting through them can take moments or months depending on how much clarity you have about your direction.

The more efficient you are with marketing, the more time and attention you have to share your gifts. At VCG, we are all about helping you share your gifts. That’s why we share ours with you!

A big part of our groove, and the value we bring to our clients, is that we are good stewards of our gifts. Our core values are rooted in our Christian values; we aim to help those who serve others. Sometimes that means being your brand’s guardian angel. We look out for your brand, keep it safe, and keep it moving in the right direction. Even when confusion comes along. Even when things get really busy. Or even when things aren’t busy enough.

Some ideas and opportunities are just distraction.

Some are useful and important—and actually align with your core values and your goals!

And when you’re busy providing awesome client care, you might not always have time to focus on which is which.

Don’t fear. That’s where we come in. Your brand is the lifeblood of your values. We keep it in tact and make sure it’s always the best representation of the best you.  

As our client, you can send a quick email to us: Is this worth doing?

We will guide you. If the answer is yes, we can usually take it off your plate and handle it.

Need a guide and a guardian to help your practice grow? Let’s talk.

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