Have you done their job? 3 Things Great Practice Leaders Do

Think about your best boss ever.

What made them so great?

Did they understand the intricacies of what you do? Did they empower you to do your job?

We are willing to bet they did.

At Virginia Creative Group, we have noticed that our most successful medical and dental practices all have something in common … strong leadership. It is strong leadership that brings life to a brand. It is strong leadership that empowers team members to feel part of the brand and deliver that experience to patients. Here are few things leaders at successful practices have in common:

  1. They realize the importance each role has on patients. Leaders of successful practices know that the person who answers the phone is just as important as the doctor. Many medical and dental practices put far too little value on the importance of the front desk! When people call about an appointment or arrive for a visit, they are often nervous or scared. A warm, helpful voice on the phone or a kind, knowledgeable face at check-in is the first, critical step in a positive experience for this patient. That first encounter will set the tone for their entire experience with your practice!
  2. They delegate, but chip in. A great leader delegates roles and empowers the individuals in those roles to do a great job. However, things aren’t always smooth sailing. We all get overwhelmed sometimes. When successful practice leaders see their team scrambling, they chip in. Even if this means emptying the garbage or grabbing some extra paper for the copy machine. No job is too small to be of BIG importance.
  3. They consistently lead by example. The most impactful things are done consistently. The strongest practice leaders show their humanity but also their determination. They keep their eye on the goal and demonstrate each day their commitment to achieving it.

Are you willing to be the team member that you expect your team members to be? Are your actions as a leader garnering support? Are you willing to get in the trenches? If so, this might be the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

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