5 Steps for an AWESOME Invisalign Teen Consult

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At the Invisalign Summit, Dr. Barry Glaser gave a great talk about how to have a successful Invisalign Teen consult. We love passing on awesome information, so today, here’s our own adaptation (with the VCG spin!) on getting teens and their parents to say yes to Invisalign Teen.

Here’s are five steps to have a successful Invisalign Teen consult:

  1. Start the conversation. (This one’s easy!) If you’ve got a good candidate in front of you, simply tell the parent: Your child is an excellent candidate for Invisalign Teen.
  2. Address their concerns and debunk myths. The parents’ first reaction will most likely be to voice their concerns. By respecting and addressing their doubts, you can give them confidence. Here are some of parents’ common concerns:
    1. It won’t work. That’s true. In some cases, it won’t work…but that is based on the doctor’s abilities. Some doctors do it well, while others may not have the same skill level. If you are confident with your skills, let your past cases speak for themselves.
    2. Another doctor said… The parents may have received negative information about Invisalign from doctors who don’t offer it. Again, respect is important. Try this approach: I respect the doctor who said this, but I disagree. You are an excellent candidate because…
    3. My child will lose the trays. For parents of teenagers, this is a big concern. Fortunately, Invisalign will replace 6 aligners at no charge.
    4. It costs more. For most practices we work with, the fee is technically the same. If your practice gives the same fee for braces and Invisalign Teen, that’s great. If Invisalign does cost more, explain that because of Invisalign’s many benefits, it costs a little extra—but it’s worth it.
  1. Share the benefits.Now, with the myths debunked, the parents will start to consider Invisalign as an option. This is where it’s time to share all of Invisalign’s benefits:
    1. It can be taken out for prom or class pictures. With a shifting self-image, the teenage years can be difficult. Invisalign can be removed during important life milestones. If a child is an athlete or a performer, they can have flexibility.
    2. It’s much less noticeable. Invisalign is far less noticeable than braces.
    3. No diet restrictions. We all know teens don’t like diet restrictions!
    4. Better for hygiene purposes. Invisalign is easier to clean and more conducive to good oral health.
    5. 30% fewer appointments.This is a big deal for mom and dad. Not only are there fewer, shorter appointments, but there’s less disruption to the family’s schedule.
    6. It’s a brand that teens can align with. Show them Justin Bieber and Zach Efron using Invisalign.
  1. Explain (and show them!) how it works. Now, get into the details. Show the attachments and explain the gentle contouring that is part of the process. Make sure to discuss multiple batches of aligners. It’s also important to discuss refining the plan early and often.
  1. Guarantee it!We recommend guaranteeing your Invisalign services. If it’s not working for you and your child, I will switch you to braces at no additional charge.

We love Invisalign and recently shared our top 7 tips for marketing Invisalign. There are so many reasons it’s fantastic for practices, and we like to help our orthodontic practices maximize their Invisalign capabilities.

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