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I am a huge fan of Carol and the Virginia Creative Group! I used to spend too much time trying to manage and build our practice and it was never done well and it was never organized. What I like most however is that Carol and her team have style. They don’t present the cookie cutter website or the cookie cutter marketing and SEO. What they present is the image that we want, that we are unique and that we are the right choice. We are always at the top of searches and they are extremely quick to get what we want to us. Carol is amazing at taking feedback and understanding our vision. Their photography and design are amazing. I have NEVER regretted working with her and am constantly impressed with what she presents and with her hard work and efficiency. Working with the Virginia Creative Group is best choice I have made for my business.
Graham Gardner, Gardner Orthodontics

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Our doctors and providers use the motto “Experience Matters” frequently throughout our practice.  When we began looking for a creative group, we took that same motto and searched across the state for a team who would bring our vision to life and we found Virginia Creative Group!  Over the last two years, they have taken our vision and our brand to a level far above which we could have imagined. Their creative ideas, unique concepts, and expertise in all areas of marketing and branding have been exceptional. Our partnership with VCG is invaluable and our marketing department and our practice would not be where we are today without their support.
April Weston, HROSM

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We have been working with Virginia Creative Group since early 2010. They started by providing occasional graphic design and print work for us, and before long she was handling everything from website maintenance, social media, full scale ad campaigns, direct mail, all print media and more graphic design than you could shake a stick at. They are extremely knowledgeable on all things related to web design, SEO and social media. This is such a huge plus because these industries change so frequently, it is difficult for a business like ours to stay up to date. Their work ethic is incredible and they are tireless when it comes to delivering on her commitments. Their ability to provide a custom product is something that you cannot find with a large scale marketing company.

There is not a doubt in my mind that we would not be where we are today, in a down economy, without Virginia Creative Group. Her services have kept us relevant in a marketplace where it is very easy to be left behind if you are not reaching your target customer where they are. For all of the intangibles and behind the scenes work that she does, she is absolutely worth every penny (and probably more!).

Allison Hale, Parks Orthodontics

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Passing the Torch

Before the team at VCG grew to include this spirited group of superstars, it was just Carol…with a vision and a mission. Carol knew the kind of marketing agency she wanted to create—one with good Southern values and a kick-booty work ethic that would help great practices GROW…but Carol could only do so much alone.       Enter Sonja… Right out of college, Sonya was a terrific writer with a remarkable attitude and a contagious willingness to learn. In a few short minutes, it was clear to Carol that Sonja put her whole heart and mind into everything she [...]

  • maximizing your dollar

What are you paying for but not implementing?

What’s lacking in your marketing implementation? It’s one thing to decide to take advantage of a marketing opportunity. Yes, let’s do that sponsorship. It’s another thing to actually get it done. This might be a problem you’ve run into at your busy practice. But here’s the cool thing… We implement the heck out of things. We maximize them like there’s no tomorrow. At VCG, we don’t do anything halfway, and we won’t let you either. So if you’ve committed to a marketing effort, we are going to sure-as-heck make certain you get your buck’s worth! Here’s an example: One of [...]

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Is this a marketing opportunity worth taking advantage of?

We know this question gets asked frequently at your practice. Sometimes the marketing opportunities that arise are a great idea. And sometimes, they’re a waste of time. Sifting through them can take moments or months depending on how much clarity you have about your direction. The more efficient you are with marketing, the more time and attention you have to share your gifts. At VCG, we are all about helping you share your gifts. That’s why we share ours with you! A big part of our groove, and the value we bring to our clients, is that we are good [...]